DUI means driving under the influence. Stop Driving.

If your license has been suspended for DUI or DWI don't make it worse by driving under suspension.

Never drink and drive.

Once you have hopefully dealt with your DUI,never drink and drive again. First get an attorney. Get a taxi, if you have been drinking: some clubs will even help pay for it. Have a friend come and get you. Walk. Do anything but drive. Find the best DUI lawyer in your area. DUI attorneys are well worth every cent you pay. Go to any classes they suggest, it could reduce your penalties or possibly reduce your DUI auto insurance rates. Do as much research into DUI laws as possible for your area. Some DUI charges are misdemeanors and some are DUI felony. Second DUI and third DUI charges increase your problems dramatically! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE after a DUI it could lead to jail time. Here's some info on some larger states on DUI

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